Techno Revolution in Indian Politics begins – Allied Millennials Party of India (AMPi) launched.

A Techno Revolution in Indian Politics begins – Allied Millennials Party of India (AMPi) launched
Chennai, January 05, 2022: India is the World’s largest democracy with one of the largest eligible electorates. The process of electing representatives and the right to vote is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution of India. India’s constitution encompasses the country’s political code, federal structure, and powers of government and guarantees rights, including equality before the law and freedoms of speech, assembly, movement and others.
However, the rule of the land is not always followed. Politics is seen in a negative light with rampant nepotism, discriminatory policies, corruption and crony capitalism. Administrative, legislative and ministerial positions are assigned without any qualifications leading to poor management of resources. Talented youngsters with zeal to excel are sidelined and their opinions are wasted. For instance, a finance or healthcare portfolio is given to a person with no knowledge of the various intrigues of the department. This leads to ill-formed policies, unnecessary delays in implementation and misuse of government funds.
The newly launched Allied Millennials Party of India (AMPi) will change the tide and provide an opportunity for educated, talented and deserving young Indians to participate in politics and serve the country. They strive to exercise the right politics beyond discrimination and provide a fair platform. They seek to achieve political transparency through Meritocracy and Technocracy. AMPi will select candidates on merit only and only eligible and qualified individuals will be assigned roles in the government.
The AMPi is founded by Mr. Goutham Sagar Mahayan and his ideology behind the party is to empower the youth of India. AMPi was officially enrolled in the Election Commission on of India on 11th November 2021. Mr. Goutham says that AMPi is a political party with a difference and will bring about real change in society. The core philosophy of the party is to acknowledge merit-driven individuals and harness the power of technology to drive the future. AMPi founder’s main focus is to motivate educated Millennials to participate in politics and find the right developments and find the right solutions to socio-economic policies. They aspire to bring about systemic change with transparent governance, responsiveness, equality and inclusivity, accountability and abolishing discrimination in all forms. While being a young and tech-driven party, AMPi also believes in the Ancient Wisdom and knowledge of noted sages.
Furthermore, Mr.Goutham illustrates the founding objectives behind the party. The party’s eightfold charter on the right politics includes the Right Understanding/View, Right Intention/Attitude, Right Mindfulness, Right Speech, Right Livelihood, Right Team, Right Effort/Action and Right Cooperation. The party strongly believes in cooperative humanism which exemplifies meritocracy, harmonious dialogue, Minimalism and economic democracy.
AMPi has incorporated the same ideology in their manifesto. The key policies they plan to initiate are Water management and groundwater recharge, Capacity utilization – maximum land use, Holistic education, Effective waste management and the Revival of the cooperative movement.
Party’s flag reflects the ethos of AMPi and is of Black and Gold colour. Black signifies elegance, professionalism, neutrality, power and simplicity. Gold represents light, compassion, generosity and divinity. The flag also has three stars meaning – Conserve, Cooperate and Coordinate. The flag also showcases the party monogram with a circle, diamond and crown.
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